Focus on 'how cows are mistreated'

This painting, General Cow, by Waitaki Boys' High School level 3 art pupil James McCulloch, focuses on his experience working on a dairy farm.

It illustrates many of the practices he would like to see removed from the dairy industry, such as the separation of calf and mother at such an early stage.

''In my panel, I've looked at how cows are mistreated in both dairy and meat industries. In a story-like manner, the cows in my panel try to look human so as to save themselves, but ultimately end up causing war and destruction, resembling the very species that abuses them.

''The panel starts off showing the sacrifice cows make for our products such as dairy and meat and ends up being a comment on humans and their destructive influence as a society.

''In this picture, I've taken Peter McIntyre's Major General Bernard Freyberg, VC and used the human expression in the painting to show the transformation from simple cow to bloodthirsty new ruling species.''


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