Kids' bikes stolen from Marc Ellis' home

Agustina Mon and Marc Ellis say their son's scooter is still missing.
Agustina Mon and Marc Ellis say their son's scooter is still missing.
Thieves have been caught on camera jumping into the front yard of former All Black Marc Ellis' home and stealing his children's bicycles.

Ellis' wife, jewellery designer Agustina Mon, posted home security footage of the burglary on her Facebook page on Thursday night.

The three-minute clip shows the faces of at least two of the thieves, who took two bikes and a scooter - Christmas presents for the couple's preschoolers Sofia and Tomas.

"If you could please share and help me find these despicable little sh*ts I'd be very grateful. I'd love to catch them," Mon wrote alongside the clip.

Ellis told the Herald on Sunday he had found the bikes dumped down the hill from their Westmere home but had still not found his son's scooter.

Nothing else was taken.

"There is something wrong with the moral compass of people who steal kids' bikes but I'm not sure this warrants a witch hunt," Ellis said.

"To me it seems like they had a few too many beers and got up to some high jinks. I just hope this isn't something they make a habit of.

"Either I will catch up with them or karma will bite them on the bum. They might have been in high spirits - had a bit too much sherbert - but there is something wrong with stealing kids' bikes."

Mon had reported the incident to police, which happened just after 5am last Thursday, and handed on the camera footage. It shows one of four boys sitting at a seat across the road and another walking out with a scooter. Another walks past the house carrying a road cone, then three come back.

One acts as a lookout on the street while the other two walk in and out with the bikes - both of which have trainer wheels.

The three are then seen riding off down the road.

"We found the bikes down the road, these guys had taken them for a joyride and dumped them at the bottom of the hill," Ellis said.

"We haven't found the scooter, though, and that was my son's favourite."

Ellis said he hoped the theft was the result of teenagers getting carried away but he was concerned because they were carrying a large flashlight.

"That worries me a bit because, maybe they are doing this often. Hopefully the police know them and that will be the end of it.

"Whatever the case, they were pretty stupid because one of them looked straight at the camera."

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