Vaccine passports on way for NZ: PM

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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says that the Government will be issuing Covid-19 vaccine passports to allow Kiwis to travel around the world.

"Yes," she replied when asked by TVNZ Breakfast as to whether New Zealanders would have a Covid vaccine passport.

"Other countries say you can't even go to events unless you're vaccinated.

"That's not what we're doing. We want high rates of vaccination but that's not the way we want to try and encourage it.

"But when it comes to movement around the world, increasingly we will see countries say you can't come in unless you're vaccinated, so we are working on documents trying to identify people who have been vaccinated so you can move around."

Health Minister Chris Hipkins had earlier said vaccine passports would be "almost an inevitability" within the next year, while Air New Zealand has confirmed it is already one of many airlines trialling the IATA travel pass initiative.

Qantas late last month confirmed it would introduce a digital health pass that would show whether a passenger was Covid-free and fit to fly when regular international travel returns, reported.

Many other destinations Australians travelled to – including the UK, US and Canada – required proof of vaccine or negative Covid results as a condition of quarantine-free entry. However, entry requirements varied.

Some countries required "health passes", mandatory proof of vaccination or a negative test, including for indoor events like sports games and concerts, and hospitality.

One country was France, which had mandated health passports for visitors to major domestic attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, and would soon make it mandatory for people to visit bars and restaurants, sparking outrage amongst its residents.

In Britain, the Royal Society has warned of the potential of vaccine passports to restrict the freedoms of some individuals, or to create a distinction between individuals based on health status.

Previously vaccination was not a requirement of the quarantine-free transtasman bubble with New Zealand.

The New Zealand travel bubble was suspended for eight weeks from July 24.

It's unclear what the Government's stance would be once that ends in September.

Across the ditch, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Australia would introduce vaccine passports for international travellers.

"We will recognise and adopt the Commonwealth's existing digital Medicare vaccination certificate that is automatically generated for every vaccination," he said.

"That is something that is already there now. By the end of the month, it will be at another level which would see it being able to be incorporated in things like Apple Wallets and the like. We will put in place a digital vaccination authentication at the border."


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I recall having to get a Smallpox vaccination before my first overseas trip.
I still have the scare on my left arm that was the normal result of receiving the vaccine.
Considering global population mobility, I'm surprised proof of vaccination status for intercountry travel, wasn't initiated years ago.
It's about controlling viruses, not people.

Finally, about time!

Good, vaccine passports will be essential for overseas travel. Makes good sense to require them for internal purposes as well similar to their use in Italy. There needs to be consequences for endangering other peoples lives.

I would consider internal use as going to far !
If you have had the vaccine, you gain it's protection.
If you haven't, you expose yourself and others that haven't.
That is their issue and you don't know the reasoning for not taking the vaccine.
They may have a medical condition for not taking it, such as cancer treatment.
International, fair enough. Domestic, DEFINITELY NOT.
Let us not forget, Italy was a fascist country 75 years ago and the mentality that allowed its power, is most likely still simmering.
Your sentiment reminds me of the fasces (Italian name for a bundle of sticks) approach to governance that Mussolini used to coin fascism. Many though his intention were good as well. The results were not.
Another interesting fact is that the Nazies and Fascists came into promance after the Spanish Flu killed millions and the Great Depression impoverished the survivors. Apparently humanity has a tendency towards totalitarian governance when times are tough and their tendency is to level the blame on an identity group or other nation.
We should all look within, for that is where the devil lives.

If you have had the vaccine you gain a good measure of protection but could still get covid, though not as bad. Then there are those who have underlying conditions which make them vulnerable. Those not vaccinated but spread covid are a danger to society. Your comments re Italy are simply a red herring. No vaccine, no access to public services, benefits, entertainment venues and work places. So, you don't have to get vaccinated but it helps.

How do non vaxxed endanger 'other peoples lives'? Lol somebody has been listening to far too much propaganda, or has not acquired acuity in the thinking department. Or both. My medical history is private information and YOUR vaccine protects you, remember???????

It's perfectly simple, if you want to travel internationally, you will need a vaccine passport. This isn't a new concept. Years ago I required proof of vaccination against yellow fever for travel to parts of Africa. Comparing it to "other regimes" that required papers is ridiculous.

Had my first vaccination this morning, 1 of 9,800 fellow Dunedinites having it done today.
As a keen traveller, I will be ready to rock with my vaccine approved passport when this is shortly a requirement.

Goodbye freedom of choice, goodbye freedom of travel. If I am looking to have a abortion I can say "my body my choice." But not with this totalitarian action. Everyone has to bow to the regime.

Dont forget to leave enough spaces for booster shots, eh,.

While you can blame socialist/communist forces for many unfortunate things, including suppressing information and stifling investigation on how COVID originated and spread in its early days, a vaccine passport isn't a particularly socialist/communist concept. It is a practical necessity and has existed in many instances in the past. In many countries e.g., UK, you needed to provide a tuberculosis scan if you were applying for a long-term visa from certain countries.

Seems I'm in a minority here, so doubtful if this comment sees the light of day.
Look, I'm 86, have never had a flu shot, never had the flu, have climbed mountains, skiid cross-country, and now get out on my mountain bike every 2nd day.
My point is, it seems I have a very good immune system----and I am to be punished for the fact I have not had the jab, and don't want experimental drugs injected Into me? The world is going mad because of a very contagious but mild flu.

The danger is to democracy, freedom to live, to assemble, to associate, to communicate, to have live, free speech, to travel. C'mon people! Your freedoms are being whittled away and you don't mind that? You don't care that Grandad and Grandma suffered heaps of self denial and forced themselves to do without ordinary foods, comforts and went to bloody fields in Europe, North Africa, the North Sea, Burma and other Far East places to ensure we have all that we have today? What is the matter with you people?

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