'Gone no address' worry

Dunedin Electoral Office enrolment assistant Sandra Reeves  and Dunedin deputy registrar of...
Dunedin Electoral Office enrolment assistant Sandra Reeves and Dunedin deputy registrar of electors Dave Morris look over about 500 electoral enrolment update packs that have been returned undelivered this week. Photo by Brenda Harwood
Tens of thousands of electoral enrolment update packs have gone out to Dunedin households in the past couple of weeks and already about 500 have been returned as undeliverable.

That is considered a fairly average response by Dunedin registrar of electors Dee Vickers and her team, who are expecting to receive about 3000 returned ''gone no address'' (GNA) enrolment packs in the coming weeks.

That represents 3000 people who are no longer enrolled to vote, on top of the about 3000 people whose packs were returned GNA last year and who consequently remain off the electoral roll.

Many people do not receive their packs because they have moved house and have not updated their enrolment details. If you have not received an enrolment update pack by now, you are not enrolled to vote in the general election on September 20.

It was against the law not to enrol, she said.

The Dunedin North electorate was consistently the second-worst in the country - behind Auckland Central - for enrolments, especially in the 18-to-25 age group. This was mainly because of the itinerant nature of the tertiary student population, Ms Vickers said.

It would be ideal for people to ensure they were enrolled by August 19, which was when the electoral rolls were sent for printing, she said.

Everyone enrolled by August 19 would receive an ''easyvote'' card, which made the process of voting at the polling booth much faster.

If you have not received an enrolment pack, there are several ways you can enrol.

Details can be updated online at elections.org.nz, enrolment forms are available by freetexting your name and address to 3676, calling 0800 367-656 or by visiting any PostShop.

Information is available at www.facebook.com/ivotenz.

- by Brenda Harwood 

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