Environmental activist hopes to turn Dunedin Green


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The Green Party's Dunedin candidate Jack Brazil hopes his background of community grassroots activism will help propel him into parliament. 

Brazil (26) is prominent voice in the local anti oil and gas movement which grew out of the opposition to International oil giant OMV drilling in the Great South Basin.

At number 20 on the party list, Brazil is taking on two long standing MPs the current Health Minister David Clark and the former Health Minister Michael Woodhouse.

For the full interview with Jack Brazil click on the video above. 

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Anti oil and gas, yet will drink out of a glass made from a gas fired kiln, use cycle ways and foot paths made of tar. Makes you think.

It makes you think that there are few alternatives and those there are, are ignored.

Hypocrisy card is tedious.

More embarrassing that our Mayor, Mr Hawkins. Lets get real here Green isn't clean, more mean and devious

15 or more litres of crude oil per tyre.....the Greens keep rollin.

Don’t you dare Dunedin!

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