Explosions, lasers, fire and ice all in the name of science


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Rising from the ashes of the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic, The New Zealand Science Festival will launch this weekend with more than 70 events being held over nine days. 

Opening the festival is Dunedin science enthusiast and educator Amadeo Enriquez-Ballestero who will turn the Teachers College Auditorium into an explosive science laboratory for The Big Science Show.

Enriquez-Ballestero will take the audience on an exploration of big explosions using lights, lasers, fire and ice - from the Big Bang theory to the Cambrian explosion to the invention of the combustion engine. 

The nine-day event, takes place during the first week of the July school holidays with events hosted at various locations across Dunedin.

A full programme is available at scifest.org.nz





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