Live from isolation: Former Dunedin musician's hotel room gig


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Former Dunedin musician Matt Joe Gow is over halfway through his 14-day managed isolation in Christchurch. 

The Covid-19 pandemic means the award-winning singer/songwriter won't be gracing the stage anytime soon, though he's found a way to still entertain his fans.

Gow will play a free show tonight live through his Facebook page from his room at the Distinction hotel.

It's been a long journey for the Melbourne-based musician, who flew back home to see his ill mother.

"My mother isn't well,  and I've been trying to get home for months," he said.

He feels fortunate to have his own health intact,  but admitted being a bit worried when he heard about a case of Covid-19 in the hotel he's staying in.

"I heard she's clear now, but I think she was on my flight."

Like many creative people in isolation, he is working through lockdown and mixing songs for a new album.

Gow is due to be out of managed isolation early next week.

Matt Joe Gow Live Online from Hotel Quarantine starts at 9.30pm on Friday



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