Morrison in box seat for majority government

Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Photo: Getty Images
Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Photo: Getty Images

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison appears set to have the 76 seats he needs to govern in majority, but could be in line to score an extra two.

The Australian Electoral Commission is continuing to count postal voters in Chisholm, but the Liberal candidate Gladys Liu is in line to win the seat.

She now holds 50.7% of the vote, ahead of Labor's Jennifer Yang.

There are now only two close seats listed on the AEC website, but the coalition is ahead in both.

The Liberals' Sarah Richards is ahead of Labor MP Susan Templeman in Macquarie, with the AEC website showing only a couple of hundred voters between them.

In Bass, the Liberals' Bridget Archer sits on 50.4% of the two-party vote, ahead of incumbent Labor MP Ross Hart.

If the current count trends continue, the Liberal-National coalition will have 78 seats, with Labor on 67 and six crossbenchers.

In the previous parliament, the coalition had 74 seats, Labor had 69, there were four independents and the Greens, Centre Alliance and Katter's Australian Party had one each.

Along with counting postal votes for all 151 seats in the House of Representatives, the AEC on Tuesday began its Central Senate Scrutiny process.

Under a process, a computer is used to register the 100-million plus preferences marked on Senate ballot papers, which are later verified by a human operator.

The coalition's Senate numbers could rise from 31 to 34 out of 76 seats.

The government will need to rely on either Labor, nine Greens senators or five out of six conservative crossbenchers to get its legislation through parliament.

The election writ must be returned by June 28.

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