The Evolution of Self-Interest

By Leah Kissick - Year 13, Wakatipu High School

The hunters of moa

Look only for the meat they need.

They'll take no more

than Whanau use to feed.

Enter the Ngai Tahu,

searching for Pounamu.

The strong stone holds communal value

Lovingly hand-carved into protective Patu.

William Gilbert Rees turns

Native trees to flame

Kowhai and beech burn.

Papatuanuku shrieks from pain

His sheep graze in the rain

He sits, surveys and weighs

His personal wants and needs

The gold miner craves the shiny metal

Knee deep in the cold river

A growing appetite for the


Individual miners shiver

Today, I am a consumer

Dependent on corporations for more.

More Food, more Likes, more Stuff. Now.

My lust for instant satisfaction escalates

I am a self-interested sheep

In a fabricated field of materialistic conformity.

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