Between you and me

Paul McIntyre Allied Press editor-in-chief

What are you watching and why?

Blue Lights, a gripping police drama set in Northern Ireland. It’s because there is so little drama in my work life!

What are your reading and why?

I’ve just finished The Bookbinder of Jericho. My wife Michelle recommended it which is good enough for me. Next is A Day in the Life of Abed Salama.

What are you listening to and why?

I listen to The Rest is Politics podcast which covers world and UK politics. I also love listening to music so I have hours of songs on my playlist.

Favourite weekend pastime?

When I was in Nelson, it was football. In Dunedin it’s called keeping warm! Seriously, we love discovering all the walks the region has to offer as well as the cafes and restaurants. Watching sport is another favourite pastime.

Favourite place in Central Otago and why?

That’s a tough one as I really love all of what Central has to offer. I know that’s a cop-out but each place offers something different. Winter provides good skiing and summer the best fruit I’ve tasted.