Consent application lodged

David Whitney
David Whitney
A further application from River Terrace Developments Ltd involving land earmarked for plan change 13 will be considered by a Central Otago District Council hearings panel this month.

River Terrace has applied for resource (land use) consent to establish a residential building platform on a site that has frontage to State Highway 6 and Sandflat Rd, near Cromwell.

It would be on part of the land subject to plan change 13, for which River Terrace has already made an application for rezoning to allow an 840-house residential development.

An independent panel has made a decision on that application, but it is being withheld by the district council while costs are recovered from the applicant.

The December 17 hearing that will consider the new application for a resource consent says the residential building platform proposed would be 900sq m, the hearing’s agenda reveals.

River Terrace had also earlier applied for consent to subdivide land south of the site to create 17 allotments in the Rural Resource Area. Subsequently, an agent for the applicant asked for that application to be suspended until further notice, a report prepared by council planning consultant David Whitney says.

In his report, Mr Whitney says 30 submissions were received on the resource consent (building platform) application. All oppose the application.

Mr Whitney recommends the application be approved, subject to conditions. He notes any adverse effects on the environment could be ‘‘satisfactorily mitigated’’.

In its submission, Residents for Responsible Development Cromwell says the application is premature and seeks to subvert or influence the outcome of plan change 13, by providing a baseline of residential activity that can be used to justify further residential activity of the sort sought by plan change 13.

Opposing submissions also came from Highlands Motorsport Park, 45 South Cherry Orchards Ltd and Public Health South.

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