Positive angle on turbines

Project Hayes wind farm turbines will create a significant viewing attraction for visitors to Central Otago, Meridian Energy lawyer Andrew Beatson told an Environment Court appeal hearing yesterday.

Meridian has the first say in the seven-week hearing of appeal for its proposed 176-turbine wind farm on the Lammermoor RangeThe first two weeks of the hearing comprise arguments relating to the wind farm's impact on the landscape of the high country property as well as the site's visual, historical, and heritage values.

Mr Beatson said while the proposed wind farm site was described by some as being an outstanding landscape, it paled in comparison to more significant landscapes within Central Otago.

"If this site is categorised as outstanding, what greater superlative is required for the considerable number of other better landscapes in Central Otago.

The turbines will add an interesting dynamic to the landscape and people will view them in a positive light as they represented a sustainable source of energy," he said.

Mr Beatson said the proposed development had to be considered on a national level and not on the subjective basis of regional or district authorities.

"District and regional councils only have jurisdiction in a district or regional context.

Local councils are not in a position to make decisions on which landscapes are outstanding at a national level," he said.

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