Team effort for new school logo

Some of the Alexandra Primary School pupils who helped in the design process of the school’s new...
Some of the Alexandra Primary School pupils who helped in the design process of the school’s new logo, gather around the school bell. They are (clockwise from top left) Hemi Marshall, 12, Hugo Ritter, 11, Jayden Bell, 12, Aquah-Blu Winiata-Beazley, 12, Stephanie Snape, 11, Alyssa Longman, 11, and Cooper Gillies, 12. PHOTO: RUBY SHAW
A group of Alexandra pupils have made their mark on their school — by helping to design the new school logo.

Alexandra Primary School’s new logo was designed by graphic artist Jonny Simpson working alongside a group of school children.

Pupil Stephanie Snape said the new logo was "quite a big change" from the old design, while Alyssa Longman thought the new logo was more personal to the school.

Surrounding mountains, the Clutha and Maneherikia rivers and the gold rush were some aspects the pupils were keen to include in the design.

School children met with Mr Simpson once a week and they all worked on their designs in between meetings.

Principal Fi Mackley said the school wanted the logo to represent the school’s tūrangawaewae.

"In this way it can be more sustainable, as we will always want to be connected to our tūrangawaewae — the place we stand."

The process took about six months, she said.

The school wanted to give their ākonga (learners) time to learn about the process of developing a logo.

"It also gave Jonny a chance to keep exploring the main concepts and ideas that we wanted to capture in our new logo."

Mr Simpson said the pupils were enthusiastic and engaged.

"[They] worked well as a group, helping with each other's designs and also giving me some helpful feedback on some of my initial logo concepts."

The pupils were "pretty honest" about what aspects they did and did not like during the refinement process.

Pupils were quick to point out one design which resembled a barbecue, he said.

"Needless to say, that concept didn’t make it any further."

The solid yellow icon at the centre of the design was influenced by a pupil’s design, as was a version of the final design with text on it.

It was important the pupils could create their own designs and actively contribute to the logo’s final design, he said.

"[It] gives them a sense of ownership and pride in the school's new logo."

The school’s website and Facebook page already bear the new logo and it will appear on uniforms following a review next year.