Hard slog worth it when trousers fit

Otago Daily Times Queenstown bureau chief Tracey Roxburgh is undertaking the 12-week Revive programme at Alpine Health and Fitness. In her series of diary entries, she documents the highs, lows, aches and pains associated with getting into shape.

Dear Diary ...Saturday, October 20

I cracked, Diary.

I had whole glass of wine.

Made me fall asleep.

Wine was a welcome end to busiest work day in recent memory.

Planned to get up at stupid o'clock and go on nice big walk.

Could not convince body to obey instructions from brain to leave comfort of bed.

Felt guilty all day, until realised had probably walked more than 8km around Arrowtown during 150 celebrations.

Not to mention pseudo interval training while running to beat New Zealand Army Band to Butler's Green.

Haylee says should be "breathless" while exercising ...hyperventilating counts as "breathless", doesn't it?

Tonight Haylee sent me a picture of her dessert - wine AND cake.

Asked Haylee if I could have wine too. She said yes, so I did.

Was wonderful.

Sunday, October 21

There comes a point in all of this exercising business when you "turn the corner".

Is not actual corner, is mental one. Think am approaching it.

Started this afternoon when realised trousers were a bit loose. Tightened belt.

Looked and found had managed to get belt done up on smallest hole - best bit was did not cut off circulation to legs.

Then, put on another pair of trousers which, five weeks ago, were so tight around middle region when I sat down waistband doubled over.

This is no longer problem.

Filled me with motivation.

Monday, October 22

Well-earned day off work.

Was tempted to catch up on sleep and sit very quietly today, Diary.

Instead, went to gym.

Did pump class and then - voluntarily - did more cardiovascular activity for an hour.

After afternoon of housework went on lovely walk with friend and her dogs along Queenstown Trail.

All was going well until arriving at suspension bridge only to find tiny dog Bertie (Jack Russell) is not fan of suspension bridge.

She had to be carried across it - for tiny dog she is not light as feather.

Wondered if this counted as weight training.

Tuesday, October 23

Did RPM class this morning, Diary.

Then went for wee "yog".

Was tempted to ditch yog in favour of shower, but thought of looser pants kept me going.

Tonight went for "recovery walk" with friend and dogs.

Instead of being breathless, friend and I discussed all manner of things, including the procreation of fish.

Was very educational outing.

Bertie did much better tonight - got halfway across suspension bridge (took about 10 minutes) before she refused to go further and started inching back to the safety of solid ground.

Have faith she will be sprinting across it in no time.

Wednesday, October 24

Today Haylee celebrated her very special birthday with a "40 shades of pain workout".

I was first guinea pig.

Because Haylee is nice person she baked for us - beetroot brownies.

Had to "earn" my brownie, so Haylee made sure it was visible throughout training session.

For first 30 minutes it was sitting on top of rowing machine.

The only respite from having it in full view was when Haylee made me do 40 repetitions of various exercises.

Am grateful Haylee didn't just turn 50.

Then beetroot brownie had to sit on treadmill.

Had to resist very strong urge from just stuffing it in my mouth during yog (question: if you eat while you are yogging, does it count?).

Later got WONDERFUL news, Diary - one of my best friends welcomed her daughter Addison Aves into the world ... believed this was cause for celebration and FIRMLY believed a glass of wine was appropriate.

Had beetroot brownie in her honour instead - can confirm was DELICIOUS!

Thursday, October 25

This evening attended first yoga class at Lululemon.

Was full of trepidation.

Am hardly stretchiest of individuals and also have heard horror stories of people, um, breaking wind during yoga classes.

Was very careful about what I ate today, Diary.

After first five minutes, body was already tired ... discovered that was only warm-up.

Margo Berryman was my yoga buddy - she knew what she was doing, so thought I would copy her.

All was going well until we got giggles.

Fairly certain Margo was giggling at me.

Given yoga class is very quiet, this was totally inappropriate.

Felt almost like laughing in a church.

Managed to gather myself in time for balance poses.

Turns out balance is well below average.

Had difficulty standing still on two feet with both eyes closed - was downward slide from there.

Was exceptionally grateful chose spot next to wall.

At the end discovered two poses I excelled at - one required me lying flat on my stomach with my head on one side.

The other required me to lie on my back with eyes shut.

Liked those ones the most.

Friday, October 26

Slept in again and due to coma-like state missed RPM.


Given Haylee also slept through two alarms, we have decided to blame the yoga.

Although I did stay up quite late baking cheesecake brownie for Haylee ... might have had the TINIEST of portions (more like crumbs really) just to make sure it tasted OK.

Mouth watering just thinking about it.

Had to do more yogging with Haylee today ... actually enjoyed it.

Following training session punished myself (voluntarily) with rowing machine and push-up challenge issued by sister.

Didn't hate that either.

Am starting to scare myself.

Only downpoint today came via text from Haylee - weigh-in is next week.

Have knot and many butterflies going mental in stomach.

Worse is we have to do Spartan training.

Have seen what those poor people are made to do and have heard revolting stories about what happens to their bodily functions while doing it.

Am not looking forward to this one bit, Diary!

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