Expect slow going on Southern roads: Police

Police are warning motorists to take care as holidaymakers heading home flood roads in the...
Police are warning motorists to take care as holidaymakers heading home flood roads in the Queenstown Lakes area. Photo: Getty
Southern District Police are urging drivers to take care and be prepared for a "slow journey" as holidaymakers head home from the Queenstown Lakes area.

Otago Lakes Central Area Commander Inspector Olaf Jensen said police expected the roads to be "very busy" between today and Sunday.

"It’s really important that people consider their responsibility in keeping our roads safe before they get behind the wheel.

"We need motorists to take it easy and remember to check their speed, remove any distractions such a mobile phones, wear their seatbelts and avoid alcohol.

"Most importantly, be prepared for a slow journey, " Insp Jensen said.

People should plan to take regular breaks – perhaps pack a picnic.

"If you get stuck in slow moving traffic – be patient and please don’t take any risks."

Police would  have a strong presence on the main travel routes undertaking enforcement activities in an effort to reduce deaths and injuries on southern roads.

“We encourage road users to ring *555, or 111 in emergency or life-threatening situations, to report any unsafe driving or matters they believe endanger others."

Over the holiday period Police had received a number of calls from motorists regarding traffic offending.

“This is fantastic to see – it means people are taking road safety seriously and are asking police to help in situations where motorists may be endangering others."

“Motorists who use *555 regularly help police to make successful interventions which potentially prevent tragic incidents involving death and serious injuries on our roads.

“With your help and cooperation, we can make our roads safer and ensure everyone gets home to their loved ones."

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