Flying the flag for Gibbston wine

Coxs’ Vineyard’s Simon Cox. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
Coxs’ Vineyard’s Simon Cox. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
Following invites from a number of notable Americans who visited Coxs’ Vineyard this past summer, co-owner Simon Cox is about to showcase his premium Gibbston wine in the States.

Visitors included Salvatore Rizzo, who owns one of New York’s most prestigious cooking schools, De Gustibus.

As a result, Cox will be pairing his wines at this venue, over two nights, with food presented by award-winning celebrity chefs Rocco DiSpirito and Franklin Becker.

Another visitor was a Hollywood actor/producer, who’s invited him to host a private wine tasting at his home in Santa Monica, California.

Then, in Texas, he’ll present his wines at an exclusive country club and at the home of an NBA championship-winning basketball coach.

Cox says he, his wife Leah Seifert and vineyard manager Nick Stringer believe a focus on quality is important for Gibbston’s future.

"We have the luxury market on our doorstep, so let’s take our high-quality product and market it to the right people to ensure the viability of viticulture in Gibbston and secure the future of Gibbston as a world-class wine-growing region."