Kiwibank seeks to shed its postal services

Photo: ODT files
Photo: ODT files

Queenstown's Kiwibank branch is set to ship its postal services to other businesses in the resort.

In a statement, Kiwibank Retail Distribution general manager Geoff Walker said the Camp St branch would become a stand-alone bank.

That follows the success of Kiwibank’s other stand-alone branches in Hamilton and
Auckland’s CBDs.

The resort’s branch of the state-owned bank was now working towards creating a more specialised banking service, innovative customer experience and a strong brand presence in the resort.

Postal services would move to nearby businesses which would partner with NZ Post, Kiwibank’s majority owner.

Kiwibank and NZ Post communications specialist Holly Thompson told the Otago Daily Times those businesses were yet to be confirmed.

‘‘We couldn’t seek partners to offer postal service before consulting with our people on the proposal to open a Kiwibank stand-alone site in Queenstown.

‘‘Now that we have confirmed this outcome, we will start to seek partners.

‘‘We don’t know how long this will take.’’

The original post office in the resort was on almost the same site as the existing Kiwibank branch. It was built in the late 1930s.

Designed by Invercargill architect Edmond R. Wilson, it was demolished in 2009 when Ngai Tahu redeveloped the site.

Mr Walker said customers and the resort community would be kept informed as dates and changes were secured.


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