QLDC to close public facilities

Queenstown remained the second most popular place for foreigners to buy. Photo: Getty
QLDC is closing all public facilites to mitigate the spread of Covd-19. Photo: Getty Images
The Queenstown Lakes District Council is closing all public facilities, such as libraries and swimming pools, in an attempt to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. 

QLDC Mayor Jim Boult announced the closure of the Wanaka Recreation Centre and the Queenstown Events Centre (including the Alpine Health and Fitness Gym and Frankton Golf Centre), and the Arrowtown Pool from 8pm Monday. 

"As of now libraries will not be accessible to the public. Enabling the other facilities to close on Monday at end of business allows a brief window to allow the community to be appraised of the closure rather than an immediate lock out," he said. 

Library closures would be reassessed on April 6. 

All community halls throughout the district would also close, with any bookings cancelled until further notice. 

"There is some inevitability that the bow wave is growing. Out of respect for the challenge ahead for our local health providers, everything that we can do proactively to stem that bow wave must be done," Mr Boult said.

The closure did not apply to camping facilities and hubs, some of which were and would be necessary for self-isolation, although stringent sanitisation rules were being applied.

QLDC Chief Executive Mike Theelen offered an assurance about affected staff. 

"I know there will be community care for our staff. We will continue to support our staff and at this time all jobs remain secure. Where possible staff will be looking at innovative ways to continue to give our communities a level of service, be that online or through other means or re-deployed into other parts of the organisation or response," Mr Theelen said.


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