Triplets roll with the fame and celebrate first birthday

The Kelly triplets (from left) Haylee, Charlotte and Olivia turned 1 yesterday, and celebrated...
The Kelly triplets (from left) Haylee, Charlotte and Olivia turned 1 yesterday, and celebrated with their mother Michelle and father Stu, and about 25 friends and family members at their Kaitangata farm. Photo by Rachel Taylor.
Stu and Michelle Kelly are over all the media attention their triplets Haylee, Charlotte and Olivia have caused.

The triplets turned 1 yesterday and at their birthday party, held on Saturday, Mrs Kelly said they had been chased by Asian tourist "paparazzi" at a multiple birth group five or six months ago.

"An Asian bus group pulled up and mobbed us outside the Plunket rooms," Mrs Kelly said.

After trying to answer their questions, she and the triplets retreated into the building. There was a knock on the door a short time later.

The tourists had followed Mrs Kelly into the building, and began taking photos of the triplets and other babies in the room, she said.

It was "the most intense someone's been" and she was "a bit overwhelmed by it".

Haylee, Charlotte and Olivia were dressed in same style, different coloured dresses, and three sets of new shoes, but again not quite matching.

Mrs Kelly admits she sometimes has trouble telling them apart.

While she could pick Charlotte, she could not always tell Haylee from Olivia just by looking at them.

But their personalities were starting to emerge, she said.

Olivia was a girly-girl, who did not like cows, or being out on the farm. She was quite passive and loved cuddles.

Haylee was quite laid-back, but shy and taking longer to come out of her shell, while Charlotte was the most confident and the first one to get moving.

Mr Kelly said she loved seeing the girls, who were all able to sit up by themselves, having lunch together at their plastic table.

They were all rolling, and would be capable of crawling "any day now", Mrs Kelly said.


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