Activity ‘unacceptable’

Sir Tim Shadbolt is in his ninth term as mayor of Invercargill. Photo: ODT files
Sir Tim Shadbolt
Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt said the raiding of his emails would not be accepted in any other workplace.

Invercargill City Council chief executive Clare Hadley admitted she was wrong to share an intercepted email from Sir Tim.

Sir Tim said yesterday councillors might have been given the impression that information was not passed on. But he would dispute this, as they would have no way of actually determining so.

‘‘Regardless, I did not consent to my emails being intercepted. I believe this is an unlawful act and some councillors are determined to back up the chief executive without seeking to consider the matter with an open mind or understand the magnitude of the offence,’’ he said.

‘‘It would not be regarded as acceptable behaviour in any other workplace.’’

A meeting scheduled for today, at which councillors would have had access to a six-month review carried out by former Dunedin city councillor Richard Thomson, has been postponed because of the lockdown. A new date will be confirmed.

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