Exhibition first solo show in eight years

Riverton artist Wayne Hill poses with some of his work at his latest exhibition. PHOTO: BEN...
Riverton artist Wayne Hill poses with some of his work at his latest exhibition. PHOTO: BEN WATERWORTH
Riverton artist Wayne Hill has taken the opportunity to showcase his unique style once again in an exhibition which has already taken the community by storm.

Journey of a Psychonaut is Mr Hill's first solo exhibition in eight years and is his most "personal" to date.

The exhibition opened a week ago and has already seen large numbers flock to the Riverton Community Arts Centre to see the close to 90 pieces of art, ranging from paintings to video installations.

Mr Hill said the idea came to him after hearing an interview on the radio.

"There was this doctor or professor on the show talking about sleep deprivation and they used the word psychonaut. And then it hit me straight away right then and there. I went "journey of psychonaut" and I had the title for this exhibition and from then it flowed."

Items on display include a variety of personal items from Mr Hill's life, and also includes an array of art work showcasing political and environmental issues.

Mr Hill said choosing a favourite piece was difficult as he treated each item as "one of his children".

Despite having several of his pieces showcased around the world, he said he is most proud having his art on display in his home town.

"I'm proud of the region and I'm proud of Riverton. That's one of the reasons I'm involved in the Arts Centre here is because of that fact. Because my passion is in the arts and to help other artists to maybe where I am right now."

The exhibition opening last week saw a packed Arts Centre with standing room only, and Mr Hill said it was a "mind-blowing experience" to have that many people at his exhibition.

"Journey of a Psychonaut" runs until February 17 at the Riverton Community Arts Centre.

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