Hedge fires keep crews busy

Photo: Laura Smith
Photo: Laura Smith
Fire crews were kept busy in Southland yesterday morning attending a hedge fire in Invercargill (pictured) and another in Lochiel, north of the city.

Crews from Winton and Wallacetown worked to put out the hedge fire in Lochiel.

A Fire and Emergency New Zealand spokesman said crews attended the fire about 9.15am.

The fire was put out before it threatened any property. Crews were at the scene for about an hour, the spokesman said.

At 9.40am, they received a call about a hedge fire in the Invercargill suburb of Tisbury.

The hedge fire in Boxall St was attended by one tanker and two trucks from Kingswell and Invercargill.

The last truck left the extinguished fire about 11.20am.

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