Invercargill properties hit with 24 hour power cuts

More than 40 South Invercargill properties have been without power for almost 24 hours.

PowerNet’s Outage Information application shows properties in the suburbs of Kew and Kingswell have been without power since 3:43 on Monday.

The cause of the outage was still unknown, PowerNet outage planning manager Roy Duffin said.

“We just don’t know, the trouble is it just keeps shifting all the time.

“There’s two sections of line, one piece of overhead and one piece of underground cable, and it could have been either at that time,” he said.

PowerNet would dig up the underground cable to check and repair it this afternoon, he said.

The initial power outage affected 68 customers, but there were only 41 affected as of this afternoon, he said. 

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