Recidivist drink-driver jailed

A woman who drove from Dunedin to Gore while almost six times over the legal limit has been sentenced to prison.

Angela Rosalie Jean Carey (42) appeared in the Invercargill District Court yesterday morning on charges of drink-driving, aggravated disqualified driving and breaching release conditions, all in Gore on December 16.

It is her ninth conviction for drink-driving.

Judge Russell Walker sentenced her to 14 months’ imprisonment, with leave to apply for home detention if a place in a residential rehabilitation facility becomes available.

He also disqualified her from driving indefinitely, and made an order banning her from owning a vehicle.

The police summary of facts said Carey crossed the northbound lane in Charlton Rd, Gore, narrowly missing a concrete lamppost.

Police arrived and found her in a nearby industrial property.

At first she refused a breath test, and was arrested for failing to accompany a police officer.

A breath test taken at the Gore police station gave a reading of 1448mcg — the legal limit is 250mcg.

She told police she had not consumed any alcohol, and had wanted to visit a friend.

She was still subject to prison release conditions when the Gore incident happened, the court heard.

On February 25 last year, Carey was indefinitely disqualified from driving. Two months later, she was sentenced in the Dunedin District Court to 14 months’ jail after the car she was driving on October 9, 2020, ended up in Otago Harbour.

On that occasion she had a breath-alcohol level of 1075mcg.


GUY WILLIAMS PIJF court reporter



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