School acts after pupils' fights posted online

Videos showing Southland school pupils fighting were posted on social media last week, prompting James Hargest College to take action.

Facebook page New Zealand Scraps encouraged people to film fights, post them online and tag the names of those involved in the altercations.

Some Southland school pupils were identified in the videos.

Deputy principal Alan Pannett became aware of the videos last Friday and approached NetSafe New Zealand to have the page removed.

He said removing the page was not enough and that police and NetSafe needed to ensure the culprit was held accountable.

He said if a fight occurred on school grounds, teachers could deal with it.

``Where we find that kind of culprit within our school, we climb into that with gusto, because clearly that's making victims out of kids repetitively, and that's a terrible thing for any kid,'' Mr Pannett said.

While the Facebook page was removed on Friday, the page Aotearoa Scraps On has taken its place.

After watching some of the videos, Southland Boxing Association president Dave Bartley said the pupils needed to understand the consequences.

``It's quite brutal in the fact they could hit someone in the wrong place and it could be detrimental for the rest of their lives ... we've had cases where one punch has actually killed somebody and you know, those are very serious, especially when you're talking about kids,'' Mr Bartley said.

Police have confirmed they are investigating.


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