Six buildings identified as quake-prone

Photo: The Ensign
Photo: The Ensign

Structural integrity is a concern for the Gore District Council as it reviews earthquake-prone buildings in the district - including the council-owned Events Centre.

Its latest newsletterChinwag named it as one of the six buildings listed as "partially earthquake-prone" in the Gore and Mataura areas.

Regulatory and planning general manager Dr Ian Davidson-Watts reminded building owners they had 12 and a-half years, from when the notice was issued, to fix the problem.

Two other council-owned buildings have also been identified: the civic administration building and Eastern Southland Gallery.

He confirmed letters would be sent to priority buildings before the end of the year.

In December, a report provided to council by WSP Opus identified a number of issues at the Events Centre - including cracked concrete walls and a compromised roof.

It also proposed recommendations, including a plan to close the events centre if winds exceeded 100kmh as a safety measure and strengthening work would be done to the roof.

It had only closed once, on January 5, after gusts reached 106kmh.

The report confirmed work had started on the bleacher area and light repairs, but the estimated time of completion is still unknown.


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