Commissioner for school

Dr Gabrielle Wall
Dr Gabrielle Wall
Lochiel School has had a challenging start to the year, a commissioner having been appointed late last month to run the school near Winton.

Ministry of Education Te Tai Runga (south) leader Nancy Bell confirmed yesterday the school had initially had a limited statutory manager at the start of this year.

On March 27, the manager was changed to a commissioner with all functions, duties and powers of the board. The board members supported this change and resigned from their positions in order for this to occur. Board members made the decision because they recognised it was the best way forward.

Dr Gabrielle Wall has been appointed as the commissioner.

She said the ministry always supported schools to resolve problems themselves and only intervened as a last resort when risk was present at the school that could not be addressed in any other way.

An intervention aimed to bring expertise and a fresh perspective, she said.

"The aim of any intervention is always to return the school to full self-management as soon as the recommendations of the intervention have been met. We monitor all school interventions closely as we will be doing with Lochiel School."