Keep reporting racers — police

An appeal for information on boy-racer activity has been backed by the mayor of Invercargill, who says he has seen the damage first hand around the city.

It follows an incident at the weekend when police responded to a gathering of around 50 vehicles on the outskirts of the city.

Before they arrived, the group shifted to Lorne Dacre Rd where a vehicle crashed into bystanders just before midnight, injuring two people.

On Thursday, Southland road policing manager Blair Shirley urged members of the public to ensure they reported any boy-racer activity in the hope it would help disrupt the behaviour.

Mayor Nobby Clark said the group’s movements showed how easily they could relocate as soon as they knew police were on to them.

"As members of the community, we’ve got to be sharp. People travelling around the city will see the build-up of cars and their activities, and we just need to report it as quickly as possible.

"Without that knowledge, the police have got nothing to go on, and end up with a fatal accident or somebody being seriously hurt."

Mr Clark said he had received reports from people talking about the damage boy racers had done.

"I’ve seen it in Otatara where I live, and I’ve seen it out towards Sandy Point.

"Masses on masses of tyre marks on the road, and worn out rubber . . . not an ideal situation."

As a result of Saturday night’s incident, one person was transported to hospital by people at the scene, police said.

The group dispersed, but police were able to impound the vehicle and speak to the driver involved.

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