St Peter’s making progress, LSM says

St Peter’s College is taking steps to redress issues identified by limited statutory manager Nicola Hornsey.

The school has been under limited statutory management since April last year.

In her scoping report released in July last year Ms Hornsey identified four issues that posed risks to the educational performance, health and safety of pupils and to the operation of the school: poor employment practices, incohesive governance framework, dysfunctional relationships between the school and board of trustees and diminished pupil voice.

An intervention plan based on nine Education Review Office’s effective governance statements has been implemented.

In a review of the intervention, Ms Hornsey said she was very pleased to report progress had been made and responsibility for supporting the special character of the school had been given back to the board of trustees.

"While there are still a number of outcomes to be achieved through the intervention, it is a credit to the staff and board that the support of special character has been returned to the board’s portfolio.

"I would also like to acknowledge the support of the Catholic Diocese of Dunedin in reaching this achievement."

The aim of any statutory intervention was to return the school to full self-governance.

"So this is a positive step towards this goal."

Two of the nine statements set out in the intervention plan have been met.

"This represents a lot of work on the part of the board members, all of whom have actively engaged in a wide range of training opportunities over the past year."

The remaining statements will be the main focus of the intervention with a further review to be carried out by the Ministry of Education within the next 12 months.