Tractor collection going on block

A tractor collection of the late Alister Rutherford looks similar to many machine enthusiasts’ wildest dreams.

The eight-tractor collection, which features many that are more than half a century old, is being auctioned today in Waimumu.

Mr Rutherford’s son, Tony, also a farmer, said there were about 60 lots of farm equipment on sale.

"We’re keeping some of it, like I said, but I don’t have enough room and [my] brother doesn’t have enough room for it all and it’s just got to move on," Mr Rutherford said.

Vintage ploughs and other farming machinery of new and vintage eras would also be auctioned, he said.

Much of the collection was owned by his late father, he said.

"We’ve got the [items] that he’s collected and then some of the other stuff is just from farming over the years and it’s just come to end.

"He was an enthusiast in machinery."

Described as a "good bugger", his father particularly enjoyed his ploughing and tractor trekking, he said.

Riversdale farmer Tony Rutherford puts the finishing touches to one of his father’s 1950s...
Riversdale farmer Tony Rutherford puts the finishing touches to one of his father’s 1950s Ferguson tractors before the clearing sale at his dad’s Waimumu property. Photo: Gregor Richardson
Since his father’s death in September, he had spent a lot of weekends on the Waimumu property, cleaning the shed and organising the collection for auction, he said.

Many of the eight tractors being auctioned were more than 50 years old and he expected them to be of interest to some people.

"Vintage stuff is a hit with the older ones. They seem to like it.

"Some of [the tractors] are rare."

The items included a Ferguson 35 high-clearance Gold Belly and a recently restored Ferguson 35 Gold Belly Petrol.

One of the tractors being auctioned was not his father’s.

Other items on sale included portable water troughs, a meat band-saw, Begg loader and bucket, among others.

There had been inquiries and a good turn-out was hoped for, Mr Rutherford said.

The auction starts at 12.30pm on his father’s Waimumu property at 235A Waimumu Rd.

By Ben Andrews