Christchurch team courts fun, games for two decades

Tutus on Tour members (from left) Linda Massie, Lynn Brand, Marinda van Vuuren, Frankie Sanders,...
Tutus on Tour members (from left) Linda Massie, Lynn Brand, Marinda van Vuuren, Frankie Sanders, Sandra Thomas, Barbara Smith, Dot Dixon and Sandra French pose for a photograph following a basketball match at the Edgar Centre yesterday. PHOTO PETER MCINTOSH
They  head out on the town in fancy dress but the tutu is the preferred article of clothing for game day.

The Christchurch-based basketballers have even named themselves ``Tutus on Tour'' in a nod to the ballet attire.

The team has had a few line-up changes during the two decades it has been in existence.

Many of the current crew played representative basketball but these days it is more about the camaraderie than the scoreline.

That said, there was no way they were accepting a 20-point head start for their opening game against a tough and much, much younger Otago invitational team.

The average age is about 60 - the baby in the Tutus on Tour is 54.

Spokeswoman Lynn Brand (60) said they were pleased to have scored so many points.

The final score was 62-38 which was a great outcome for the veterans.

``We thought it was awesome,'' Brand said of the match-up.

``We scored points against them and we didn't think we were going to do that, eh.

``They were going to give us a 20-point start,'' team-mate Barbara Smith chipped in.

``We talked about it but said, `No, we want to start from scratch','' Brand said.

Tutus on Tour certainly know their way around a basketball court. They are Master Games regulars, going to both the Dunedin and Whanganui events and the team has also been to three World Masters Games.

And in case you were wondering, the team had selected ``Bat Girl outfits'' for last night's festivities.

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