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Steven Adams.
Steven Adams.
Steven Adams gives his thoughts on . . .

Paul George re-signing with the Thunder ...

''It was actually really cool this summer, it's going to help the team tremendously.

''He's a great basketballer, but he's a great dude as well.

''That's always the thing, you want the good dudes off the court to stay, because they make it work.

''Its going to be good, I'm really happy that he's signed back.''

The Kawhi Leonard-Demar DeRozan trade ...

''Its definitely going to affect the team in some way because they're both star players.

''Whenever you shift you have to make adjustments, but everyone's professional enough, they'll do well regardless, they'll both do well.''

Favourite NBA big man ...

''It was Tim Duncan ... [now] it's a dude named Boban Marjanovic ... he's massive, he's got the biggest head.

''He's just this massive dude, he makes me look small, he really does, so he's probably my favourite player.''

A typical training day ...

''Right now [in the] off-season it's ... lifting in the morning and then basketball training.

''They're both roughly two hours each.

''In-season it's a full-time job, so a practice will be 9am till 3pm.

''It's pretty much all just working out, all different things.

''You'll do basketball for about an hour and then you'll lift for half an hour and then you'll have team practice for an hour and a half or two hours.

''Then you'll have your own individual training again for like half an hour and then as recovery for that, it's not lifting, but there will be extra stuff.

''Its pretty full-on and then you eat in between if you can. It's fun, though.''

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