Boxing: TAB refunds SBW bets

The TAB will refund all pick the round bets placed on last night's Sonny Bill Williams-Francois Botha fight, which ended in confusion when the scheduled 12-round WBA title bout was inexplicably reduced to 10 rounds.

All head-to-head and decision bets will be honoured after Williams won the bout in Brisbane by unanimous decision.

TAB general manager Martin Saunders said it was only fair to customers that all pick the round bets be refunded.

"We're disappointed by the confusion this has created and it simply isn't fair for our customers," Saunders said. "The number of rounds has changed twice before in fights involving Sonny Bill Williams, so we'll be looking very closely at whether we offer the pick the round option on his future fights."

TAB betting rule 15.9 (b) states: If the number of rounds change after betting has commenced all pick the round bets will be void and stakes refunded.

"It's not for us to say whether two additional rounds would have changed the result but we're as frustrated and disappointed as our customers given the way the fight finished," Saunders said.

"On behalf of our customers we will be seeking a 'please explain' from the promoters and organisers of the fight as to how and why this last-minute change occurred."


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