Notes from the slip, February 9th

Hitting the mark

Any day the Volts get a win is a good day.

But Tuesday’s win was particularly good, partly because it was so unexpected. 

Notes From Slip gave them no chance to defend 213. No chance. 

But Central Districts were missing some star power and they had a long tail. 

And Andrew Hazeldine got some much-deserved success. 

The nasty fasty employed the bumper and the yorker with devastating effect to pick up his maiden list A five-wicket bag. 

He played the enforcer role, which is completely at odds with his amicable personality. 

He is three years clear of cancer today. Happy anniversary.


The Aussies are at it again. Now they are trying to claim our top cricketers. They can keep...
The Aussies are at it again. Now they are trying to claim our top cricketers. They can keep Russell Crowe. PHOTO: REUTERS
Crease bound
Fair dinkum, mate. First the pavlova, then Phar Lap and Crowded House (they can have Russell Crowe), now you want our best cricketers as well? 

And so close to the 43-year anniversary of the underarm incident. 

New Zealand greats Richard Hadlee, Debbie Hockley and the late Martin Crowe were all inexplicably listed as Australian on the ICC Hall of Fame website. 

Maybe the error was down to some website administrator not being able to tell the difference between the country’s two flags. 

To be fair they are virtually identical. 

We should have gone for the flag of the Kiwi with the laser beam coming out of its eye when we had the chance back in 2015. 


Clubbing it

Oh, PlayHQ. Regular readers will be familiar with our love affair for the scoring platform thrust on community cricket long before it was ready to be rolled out. 

But for the love of a cover drive can you list the team who bats first, first.

And would it be too much trouble to include how many runs a team wins by when the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern calculator has been used. 

You’ve had two years. This is your final warning.


The declaration

Hadlee or Kane Williamson? Who is your first draft pick? 

Any votes cast for Richard de Groen will be considered derisive. 

Any votes cast for Chris Cairns will be referred to the legal department.