Premier rugby review: the non-semifinalist sides

Alhambra Union centre Brad Morgan is tackled by Zingari fullback Devin Redfern during the premier...
Alhambra Union centre Brad Morgan is tackled by Zingari fullback Devin Redfern. Photo: Peter McIntosh
For five of the premier teams, the season is over. Club rugby writer Adrian Seconi reviews their campaigns. 


Record: 8 wins, 1 draw, 7 losses

Placing: Fifth

Season in a nut shell: The defending champions were too inconsistent, and lacked the depth they have enjoyed in the past. Lost their last four games to drop out of the top four.

Best result: Inflicted a rare loss on University with a 29-25 win at Bathgate Park in round eight.

Worst result: Got obliterated by Harbour 59-10 in an 11-try romp at Bathgate Park in round 11. Ouch.

Prospects for next season: Hope and pray powerful No 8 Mika Mafi returns from Oamaru, and some twinkled-toed backs show up during the off-season.


Record: 8 wins, 8 losses

Placing: Sixth

Season in a nut shell: Rode up front in the Corvette one week then took the back seat in the Hillman Hunter the next.

Best result: Demolished Southern 47-14 for the Ron Reggett Memorial earlier this month.

Worst result: Outclassed by University 63-10. Also suffered big losses to Taieri and Harbour.

Prospects for next season: Will not enjoy missing out on the semifinals, but the Sharks are one of the marquee teams and will plot their way back.

Green Island

Record: 7 wins, 8 losses

Placing: Seventh

Season in a nut shell: Boasted a formidable pack, but the backline lacked spark and the team struggled to picked up bonus points.

Best result: Shocked University with a 42-10 win and also recorded good wins against Southern and Harbour.

Worst result: Got dispatched twice by arch-rival Taieri.

Prospects for next season: Green Island could easily push into the top four with more consistency and enterprise in the backline.


Record: 4 wins, 12 losses

Placing: Eighth

Season in a nut shell: Yet another year where Alhambra-Union can claim the gallant loser's crown. Amassed more than its fair share of close losses. Those results will play on the mind during the summer.

Best result: Tipped up Southern in the last round-robin match with a 27-26 win at the North Ground.

Worst result: The 47-0 loss to University at the North Ground in June was pretty humbling. The goose egg did not help.

Prospects for next season: Try to retain what is a promising forward pack and recruit a bit more pace and talent out wide.


Record: 1 win, 15 losses

Placing: Last

Season in a nut shell: Was competitive early but faded as the season lengthened. Leaked an average of 46.56 points. Hard to win games of rugby with a defence like that.

Best result: Peaked at game one, when it took the Challenge Shield off Harbour with a surprise 25-15 win at Watson Park.

Worst result: Smashed 79-12 by an erratic Dunedin side in the sand at Kettle Park in round 14.

Prospects for next season: One word - merge. The Montecillo faithful will hate to hear it, but the team risks joining Pirates on the sidelines unless it can turn its results around.


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