Not great deal of call for props or hookers

Craig Millar
Craig Millar
If you are a prop or hooker then forget about swatting up on Japanese.

In looking through players who head to Japan one thing becomes abundantly clear.

Backs and loose forwards are wanted but those in the front row will never hear the call.

Of all the Highlanders playing in Japan, previously and now - and there are plenty - there is just one prop who comes to mind.

Craig Millar played for the Highlanders in 2014 and 2016-17 and is now playing in Japan and turning out for the Sunwolves.

No other props who wore the Highlanders colours ended up in Japan while Ash Dixon is believed to the only hooker from the franchise who has played in Japan, with a short stint in the country last season.

The All Blacks are the same with few if any front rowers heading to Japan. Most front rowers head to England and France where scrummaging is highly valued and so paypackets are likely to be bigger.

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