I wear Swanndri...

Swanndri Men's Original Wool Bushshirt with Lace-up front $319.95
Swanndri Men's Original Wool Bushshirt with lace-up front $319.95

I've never worn, let alone owned a Swanndri - I've never had the need.

I am the polar opposite of an outdoorsy type and would rather not ever climb a cliff face or ride a raging river.

However I like checkered fabric, enjoy being warm and appreciate quality... so I has delighted to add a 'Swanny' to my winter wardrobe.

I intend to wear this woolly bushshirt with my black gumboots, when I'm a soccor 'mom' on wintery Saturday mornings.

However, I'm also going to wear it belted with heels... I reckon it's totally fashun.


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