FDA approval for Blis item

A second product of Dunedin probiotics manufacturer Blis Technologies has achieved regulatory approval in the US, from the powerful Food and Drug Administration.

In 2016, Blis product BLIS K12 attained a Letter of No Objection from the FDA, and yesterday announced a second probiotic strain BLIS M18, has achieved the same approval; commonly known as GRAS, or ''Generally Recognised As Safe''.

Blis chief executive Brian Watson said the GRAS approval added a new level of credibility for BLIS M18 and had the potential to open opportunities with larger consumer food and beverage companies in the US.

''But [it] also is recognised as a relevant and credible safety assessment by other countries and multinational companies,'' he said in yesterday's market statement.

Blis shares were up more than 50% yesterday on a year ago, trading around 2.8c.

In early April, Blis issued a revenue and profit upgrade, forecasting a maiden, pre-tax surplus of $350,000, for its full year to March.

Revenue was expected to increase from previously forecast $7million to $8.3million, earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation to rise from $600,000 to $850,000 and a ''small net surplus'' to rise to $350,000.

Blis probiotics targets throat health, halitosis (bad breath), immune support and teeth and gum health.

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