MTF profit down, but new loan sales improve

Motor Trade Finance hasbooked a decline in full-year after-tax profit, down 17% to $4.6 million, but has otherwise clawed back new loan sales to $288 million, from a low of $267 million in 2010.

Shares in MTF were unchanged after the announcement, at 56c.

MTF managing director Angus Bradshaw said sales hit a low point in 2010 of $267 million in new loans, was "marginally better" in 2011, and for the 2012 year was up 7% at $288 million.

"Market share, as measured by security registrations, has remained above 12% since December 2011, on an upwards trend," he said.

Capital at September 30 stood at 17.5% of total assets, or $71.4 million, which is sufficient to underpin projected growth over the near term, he said.

"In spite of the problems of recent years, and the economic uncertainty that still exists globally, MTF has continued to prosper and the accelerated investment of the last 12 months provides a solid platform for the future."

Mr Bradshaw said he expected demand for cars, and credit to finance cars, to remain "soft", but MTF would still be there to take a greater market share.

While bad debt which had to be written off totalled $1.4 million, compared to $1 million the previous year, collection of arrears continued to improve; from 1.85% in 31 or more days in arrears to 0.60% for 2012.




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