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LUCK OR  SOMETHING LIKE IT: A Memoir<br><b> Kenny  Rogers<br></b><i> HarperCollins
LUCK OR SOMETHING LIKE IT: A Memoir. Kenny Rogers. HarperCollins
Kenny Rogers and John Rowles are two very different singers with something in common - each is marking 50 years in the entertainment industry with a book.

In Luck or Something Like It, his first memoir, Rogers tells of his early years in the projects of Houston, his family's pride when he became the first to graduate with a high school diploma and his long road to musical success.

Quote: "For as long as I could remember I had been married. I have to admit I was pretty good at it, as I had been married four times."





IF I ONLY HAD TIME: The John Rowles Autobiography<br><b> John Rowles with Angus Gillies<br></b><i> New Holland
IF I ONLY HAD TIME: The John Rowles Autobiography. John Rowles with Angus Gillies. New Holland
• In If I Only Had Time, Rowles, with the assistance of a ghost writer, tells of his journey from small-town New Zealand to London in the swinging '60s and his years as a cabaret star based in Hawaii but travelling the globe, performing with the best entertainers on stage, television and radio.

Quote: "Night after night you never knew what celebrity would be in the audience: anyone from Tiny Tim to the secretary of state Henry Kissinger, not to mention our own prime ministers, Norman Kirk and Rob Muldoon."





LIGHT & SHADE:   Conversations with Jimmy Page<br><b> Brad    Tolinski<br></b><i> Virgin
LIGHT & SHADE: Conversations with Jimmy Page. By Brad Tolinski. Virgin
Another to have clocked up 50 years in the music industry is Led Zeppelin mastermind, guitarist and producer Jimmy Page, who is notoriously media-shy.

Brad Tolinski, of Guitar World, Revolver and Guitar Aficionado magazines, has drawn on his more than 50 hours of interviews with the rock legend to write Light & Shade: Conversations with Jimmy Page, which may be as close as we get to a complete picture of the man and his music.

Quote: "I wanted artistic control in a vice grip, because I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the band. In fact, I financed and completely recorded the first album before going to Atlantic."



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