Insightful retelling of Shakespeare

I AM JULIET<br><b>Jackie French</b><br><i>HarperCollins</i>
I AM JULIET<br><b>Jackie French</b><br><i>HarperCollins</i>
Australian writer Jackie French takes Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and retells the story, partly through Juliet's eyes, partly through those of Rob, a boy actor whose big break is to come playing Juliet in 1592.

Juliet is portrayed as a strong young woman, Rob as an angst-ridden lad who is unsure he can do justice to the part.

As a way of bringing the play to life, the book succeeds and may encourage teenagers, especially girls, to read the real thing.

However, the most valuable part of I Am Juliet is probably the section of author's notes at the end.

This gives a potted overview of the play and Elizabethan life and manners, helping put Shakespeare's play in context.

Those studying Shakespeare at school could learn a lot in an easily digested form.

- Gillian Vine

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