Thrilling read that exposes hypocrisy

I AM REBECCA<br /> <b>Fleur Beale</b><br /> <i>Random House</i>
I AM REBECCA<br /> <b>Fleur Beale</b><br /> <i>Random House</i>
Good writing can reveal our prejudices as being the shallow things they are. Really good writing does that and entertains the reader at the same time.

Such is the case with New Zealand author Fleur Beale's latest book, I am Rebecca, the sequel to her bestseller of 16 years ago, I am not Esther.

The latter introduced readers to members of the Faith, a strict religious cult which shuns worldly ways, educates (if you can call it that) its children at sect-run schools and insists girls marry shortly after they turn 16.

Rachel and Rebecca are 13-year-old identical twins when the new story opens, on the cusp of womanhood and ignorant (as are all the girls) of the ''mysteries of the marriage bed'', although they have duties looking after the younger children of the sect.

This is a tension-filled, thrilling read that affirms genuine belief while exposing hypocrisy. Ages 13+.

- by Rene Nol 


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