Teen's fight to protect haven for wildlife

CRACKED<br /><b>Clare Strahan</b><br /><i>Allen &amp; Unwin</i>
CRACKED<br /><b>Clare Strahan</b><br /><i>Allen &amp; Unwin</i>
Clover Jones is 15, lives with her mother in suburban Melbourne and doesn't quite fit in with her peer group.

In her mind that's because she's not allowed on Facebook and they have a tiny TV which is infrequently used.

In reality it's because Clover is independent-minded and no sheep following every trend. She just doesn't realise it yet.

Clover and her mum do agree on one subject though, trying to prevent development of the local creek, the last haven for wildlife in the area.

While her mum attends meetings and street protests, Clover takes a different tack. Being good at art she develops a style of graffiti protest and implements it at night.

Subplots involve Clover's feelings for the school Aussie rules hunk, her desire to be part of the in-group of girls and friendship with a boy who was in her year 6 class. It's a good read.

Ages 14+.

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