Moving story returns

WONDER<br><b>R. J. Palacio</b><br><i>Random House</i>
WONDER<br><b>R. J. Palacio</b><br><i>Random House</i>
If you missed this beautiful book in its 2012 version you're in luck, because in this 2014 edition there's a whole new chapter telling the story from Julian's point of view.

Those who have read it will now be able to find out why Julian did the things that drive the story.

And what a story it is: August (Aug, Auggie) Pullman is 10 years old, small for his age and loves his family and dog Daisy.

And maybe I should mention he was born with a severe genetic abnormality which disfigured his face, so much so that many people recoil when they first see him.

He has been homeschooled by his mother all his life, mostly because of the numerous operations he has undergone to repair some of the damage caused by his unlucky combination of genes.

The story centres on August's first taste of school, in his fifth-grade year.

Unmissable and extremely moving.

Ages 13+.

- René Nol

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