McRoberts misses out on TV3 current affairs spots

Mike McRoberts
Mike McRoberts
Mike McRoberts is to move to the backseat as TV3 revamps its current affairs programmes following the loss of the 60 Minutes franchise, the channel has revealed.

He will lose his fronting role, not presenting either of two new current affairs shows which are planned for next year, says TV3 news and current affairs director Mark Jennings.

Duncan Garner will present the replacement programme for 60 Minutes, when the franchise rights end next year.

But McRoberts will continue as anchor on TV3's prime time news at 6pm.

McRoberts could not be reached for comment, but a TV3 source said he was "not happy".

Jennings said Guyon Espiner, who reports for 60 Minutes, may have a presenting role on the second news and current affairs show that is in development.

Espiner declined to comment and TV3 said planning for the second show was in the early stages.

Jennings said McRoberts had "a very good skill set", but as a presenter he did not fit with the new shows.

"We want to signal that the new show is very different," he said.

McRoberts will also continue to front the overseas news show 360.

Jennings said the programme replacing 60 Minutes would be "more flexible", and the second show would also be "very different".

TV3 is backing another series of the weekend current affairs show The Nation, presented by Rachel Smalley.

Garner steps down as political editor at the end of next month to host the drive-time show on TV3's sister radio station RadioLive.

"I'm keen to keep him involved," Jennings says.

- John Drinnan of the NZ Herald

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