NZ Music Month Extravaganza 2021

Hopefully everyone in the community engaged and enjoyed some home grown music in the NZ music month of May. Exploring something new or relying on the known music that you love all supporting the wealth of talent available.

Channel 39 – Southern Television have long been supporters and promoters of local music and decided to celebrate this with a studio based ‘NZ Music Month Extravaganza’  held on Saturday 29th May.

Musicians of all genres were invited to come in and perform an acoustic set that broadcast Live from the Stuart St Studios. The response was overwhelming with over 35 performances registered. This prompted an earlier start to the ‘NZ Music Month Extravaganza’ and that meant a marathon of over 8 hours of live local music.

Sets up to 20 minutes each were performed along with some interview style conversations with the team of presenters and hosts.

Invitations were open to all ages and genres of musical performers. The main criteria was as acoustic set ups as possible and performances fit into BSA guidelines for broadcast.

Musicians include; Katharticus, Aart Smith, Paul Allen, Casey Dixon and some of her students, Mosaic Sky, Beat Skips, Melissa and the Dr, The Acoustic Paintings, Worn Out Jumper, Europa Kid, Jackson Caine, Kelvin Cummings, Ronnie Stash, Sophie Morris, BO And the Constrictors, Alex Dykes, Sebastian Macaulay, Jae Bedford, Keira Wallace, Shirley Pels, James Dignan and more.



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