Special Rigs for Special Kids Rewind 2020

Special Rigs for Special Kids year after year has provided an unforgettable experience to those kids who have special needs. The unique trip takes these special kids for a journey within a large truck where they are taken for a ride as part of a convoy along the streets of Dunedin lined with crowds waving and cheering the trucks along.

The event is made a success with the help of a committee of volunteers who are helped by many other volunteers along with the Police and St John Ambulance.

Unfortunately in 2020 due to Covid 19 organiser Greg Inch had to make the following statement on social media -

“After a committee meeting for Special Rigs for Special Kids tonight it is with a heavy heart I need to inform everyone that Rigs for Kids will not go ahead this year.
With everything that is happened we need to make a responsible and informed decision to keep our drivers, kids and volunteers safe...
We will be back next year and carry on the proud legacy this event has in Dunedin and is looked forward to by so many children and adults alike”.

Inch also said “We usually bank on 150 to 200 trucks and drivers and if you think about those drivers being off the road due to a whiff of Covid-19 being at the event - it would be financially crippling for some companies and you wouldn’t be getting your milk, bread, groceries, fuel along with a lot of other services you probably take for granted”

It’s very unfortunate that Special Rigs for Special Kids has been cancelled for the first time in its 29-year history however, thanks to the generous support from local sponsors, Channel 39 – Southern Television and Allied Productions will showcase the event with a look back through the many years it has been covered with a Special Rigs Rewind.


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