You Choose 2020

With a growing demand for balanced factual information on current events it's a a time where a local perspective is most important for some of the community.


In a year where we face decisions and need to vote on a national election and referendums this has motivated Channel 39 - Southern Television to support production and broadcast of some locally relevant programming.


'You Choose' is the result of the demand for information on election issues and the production has been lead by volunteers with a passion for the topic.

The first episode covers many issues around the general election, enrolling to vote, the newly formed electorates and the upcoming referendum on cannabis.

The production team hit the streets to get a variety of views their thoughts surrounding the issues along with collecting some topical views from some of the candidates in the newly formed Taieri and Dunedin electorates.

'You Choose' will discuss other election and referendum issues leading up to, and beyond, the election day September 19 to help you become better informed on a variety of political discussions on local and national issues.


Watch Episode 1 here;




How have you found talking about cannabis  - Taieri?


Do you know anyone affected by cannabis - Taieri?


Do your thoughts differ from your electorate - Taieri?


Would you support a yes vote in parliament - Taieri?


Do you believe prohibition is working - Taieri?


Would you support some change on cannabis - Taieri?






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