A unique early-childhood setting

Gumtree Montessori and Childcare is a unique early-childhood setting on Queens Drive in St Kilda.

Why choose Gumtree Montessori for your child? Montessori focuses on the whole child — their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.

Montessori education is right for children of any age. Gumtree Montessori centre provides all levels of learning, from infant/toddler, though to preparing children for school.

The passionate Montessori teachers try to create an atmosphere of peace, order and respect in a small community-feel setting, guiding the children on their individual learning journeys.

They provide a community-focused environment that aims to provide your child with the skills for life, enabling them to grow into confident lifelong learners.

Gumtree’s programme follows the principles of Te Whariki and the Montessori curriculum, which has a strong focus on practical life-skills, literacy and numeracy; sensorial materials; science and geography; and culture —music, art, and drama.

This means children who leave the centre are always well prepared for the transition to school; independence being a key component, allowing the child to think, act, and learn for themselves.

The beautiful natural outdoor setting invites the children to explore, play, climb, and learn about nature.

If you would like to learn more or become part of the Gumtree Montessori community, call them on (03) 455-5066 to arrange a visit.

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