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SHOPBOX - From zilch to million dollar successes

‘Shopbox is 
‘Shopbox is an emerging marketing and branding agency with an incredibly talented team,’’ founder Nick Brown says. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
‘‘When I founded Shopbox in 2018, I had a nil portfolio and some of my own savings,’’ Nick Brown says. ‘‘Since that time, it has been an incredible journey of growth and impact.’’

Now the company’s director and strategist, Nick said the mission was always clear — ‘‘to help businesses thrive in the digital space’’. ‘‘We craft strategic campaigns and creative solutions, we help business leaders stay ahead in the digital landscape. We embrace the impact our efforts had on their growth and I recognised the significance of our role in their success. ‘‘I am thrilled to announce our exciting next step — the rebrand to ‘Momentum'.

This transformation represents our commitment to growth, innovation, and excellence for our clients. It truly reflects what we do for the businesses we partner with, generating momentum for them to achieve their marketing strategies.

‘‘As we embark on this thrilling rebranding journey, I am more determined than ever to empower businesses to thrive and embrace the digital possibilities that lie ahead


BOTANIC PRESS - Melding artistry and technology into memories

Wanaka business launched during the Covid-19 pandemic has flourished into an international phenomenon. Botanic Press specialises in preserving flowers from significant life events such as weddings and memorials.

‘‘Through a meticulous process that combines artistry and technology, we capture the essence of these flowers, creating timeless pieces of art that evoke powerful emotions and memories for our clients,’’ founder and director Emma Hasler says.

She left her career as a physiotherapist to create and develop Botanic Press while raising young children and working part-time. She overcame ‘‘many obstacles’’ to expand the business during the pandemic.

‘‘Our growth story is impressive. Over the past three years, we've experienced a remarkable 300% increase in revenue, driven by a surge in demand for our unique services. Our customer base has expanded nationally and we now ship our floral artworks internationally. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering, as reflected in our glowing testimonials,’’ Emma says.

‘‘One of our major successes involves our environmentally conscious initiatives. We've pioneered eco-friendly preservation techniques that not only extend the lifespan of flowers but also reduce waste, aligning our business with sustainable practices.’’ The preserved floral artworks are framed in 100% New Zealand-made products and the business is providing employment opportunities as its team continues to grow, Emma said. She is proud of her company’s delighted customers, innovation, and extraordinary growth.


KAINIC MEDICAL COMMUNICATIONS LTD - Influencing the world from right here

Kainic Medical Communications is a company that works globally to effectively and ethically communicate new data from clinical trials to doctors, patients and other stakeholders, bridging the gap between academics, clinicians and multinational pharmaceutical companies.

In the absence of a local pharmaceutical industry, to survive, let alone thrive, Kainic had a big barrier to overcome — anonymity. During the last decade, Kainic has experienced a 30% compounding annual growth rate, creating local employment opportunities for staff with postgraduate science degrees at its Dunedin (headquarters) and Christchurch offices.

This has been facilitated through initiatives such as creating a travel scholarship at the University of Otago, which won Kainic a New Zealand Innovators Award for marketing and communications. The blue-ocean strategy applied by Kainic has also caught the attention of multinational companies, resulting in a specialist division of Kainic securing global work on a cancer drug with US$3 billion in annual sales.

Kainic’s managing director, Dr Blair Hesp, has also established himself as a global thought leader in the ethics of communicating industry-generated clinical data and is regularly invited to speak about applying ethical scientific communications practices in the pharmaceutical industry. He has twice led the development of an AsiaPacific adaptation of the international Good Publication Practice guidelines and brought the Australasian Medical Writers Association conference to New Zealand, while also helping build an informal gathering of medical writers from New Zealand into an Asia-Pacific virtual networking powerhouse. 



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